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Bjelin is part of the Pervanovo Invest AB Group and develops and manufactures a wide product range of both traditional wooden floors and innovative floors from new materials. The development is performed in collaboration with the sister company Välinge Innovation AB, best known as the inventors of the click floor.

The production takes place in our state-of-the-art factories in Sweden and in northern Croatia, where we have access to high-quality FSC-certified wood and highly experienced employees who, for generations, have worked to refine the well-known Slavonic oak into wine barrels and today into floors.

The Pervanovo Group, which currently has just over 2,000 employees, with production facilities in Viken (Sweden) and in Bjelovar, Ogulin, Otok and Vinkovci (northern Croatia), will in the next few years expand its production capacity to meet the demand for, mainly, wider Hardened Wood-planks and clickable strips for glue-free installation of Herringbone Parquet.

The founders of Bjelin and Välinge invented the first click floor in 1993 and developed, in 1977 during their employment at Perstorp, the world's first laminate floor.

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