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Did someone say competition? We love nothing more than flexing our design muscles, so when Philips announced their Strand Lighting centenary competition we’d signed up before the brief’s ink was even dry.

You’ve got to be in it to win in it – we were and we did. Our entry, “Anamorphosis”, was named the winner at The Society of Light and Lighting Fresnel Lecture, Royal Institution of Great Britain (oh, the grandeur!)

To come out on top we had to upcycle a vintage Strand fitting, rejuvenating the classic piece of kit while representing the three main competition themes: brand heritage, innovation and upcycling. We chose the PATT 23 for its iconic shape/profile and had to make our final design look more than pretty – it needed to function as a light source and could incorporate any lamps from the Philips Lighting range.

Our thinking behind “Anamoprhosis” was to communicate the technological advancements in the lighting industry by taking the good of the old and combining it with the ingenuity of the new. We literally “exploded” the PATT 23, exposing the inner workings that make it so great. LED lamps were arranged in a circular 12-point clock pattern, pulsating on and off, clockwise around the PATT 23 when viewed from the front, reinforcing the anamorphic nature of what the observer sees.

Images: Claire Hamill (PNLD)
Nulty+ is an award-winning independent architectural lighting design practice. We collaborate with architects and designers to provide innovative lighting designs, tailored to each individual project. We use light to reveal and accentuate the architectural environment, while recognising the importance of creating solutions that are easy to maintain and cost-effective.

We strive to reduce the environmental impact of our designs by maximising energy efficiency and minimising light pollution and trespass, and by sourcing equipment with minimal embodied energy. Our solutions are innovative and often exceed current legislation and regulation.

We work across a broad spectrum of sectors including: education, exterior/public realm, healthcare, hospitality, museums, residential, retail and work place.
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