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Multi-Scent 3¢â€ž¢ Multiple Output Fragrance Machine

The Multi-Scent 3 is really 3 machines in 1. There are 3 fragrance outputs and 3 fragrance cartridges may be used independently at any time. Ceramic cartridges are used as the fragrance media, the ceramic cartridge is impregnated with the fragrance and will last over 200 hours of use. The coverage is high at over 200 m2 per fragrance output (600 m2 in total), by using 2 or 3 of the same cartridge it is possible to fragrance large areas. It is also possible to mix fragrances, if chocolate and mandarin are used at the same time it will create a chocolate orange scent. The Multi-Scent 3 is fitted with a standard 9 way "D" connector which allows the user to control the machine via 0-10v, DMX512 (interface required) and by using our own controllers it is possible to control the Multi-Scent 3 remotely.

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