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Best of 2022
valet is a patented combination luggage rack and valet stand.


  • Large tabletop (29” x 18”) holds full size suitcase
  • Flat top surface allows you to spin suitcase to gain better access
  • Sturdy construction supports well over 250lbs static weight
  • High (26”) top surface makes living from suitcase easier
  • Unique hinge design adds strength and longevity
  • Three wide cross braces provide enhanced lateral stability


  • Intuitive form holds and displays your clothes
  • Integrated feet allow valet to stand on the floor by itself
  • Sturdy hook lets you hang valet in a closet
  • Notch at hook supports a hanger and can be used as a steamer stand
  • Cross brace at bottom can be used as a shoe rack
  • Light weight (about 10lbs) helps make moving valet around easy

The Design Process

user friendly corp. is a company driven to make our every day lives a little better by making products we use every day a lot better. 

The first product we looked at is one that everyone is frustrated with; the luggage rack. Over the years, suitcases have changed (clamshell design, wheels, multiple handles) yet luggage racks have not. They are too small, too low, flimsy when open, floppy when closed. They do not work very well at all at holding up open suitcases.

So when we created valet, the first thing we did was to get rid of the straps. Valet's top surface is large enough to hold a full size suitcase in it's open position. The next challenge was to fold it in such a way that it was easy to store. But instead of making it smaller, we made it taller. This lead to it's alternate use as a valet stand. The shape of the table top was modified so that it could be used to support articles of clothing, a hook was added so it could be hung in a closet and legs were incorporated so it could stand on the floor. Custom designed hinges were CNC'd into the supports to provide maximum stability in the vertical and horizontal positions. The joinery of the solid wood is unique as well. The design of the half-lap eliminates the need for jigs while gluing the components together and also gives valet an aesthetic quality.

The result is a beautiful, strong and useful product.



A new type of luggage rack that folds up to be used as a valet stand.

New York City
United States
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