Metroflor DÉJÀ New Flooring With Attraxion Magentic Attachment Technology

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Metroflor Corporation introduces its Metroflor-branded Déjà New LVT collection designed for commercial and residential applications featuring the Attraxion™ Magnetic Attachment Technology. Licensed from Magnetic Business Solutions’ MagneBuild™ system, the new Attraxion-branded underlayment enables the rapid installation of flooring without locking systems or adhesives.

The Attraxion underlayment adheres to an integrated ferrite (iron) film which is laminated to the bottom of Déjà New products. By merely rolling out the underlayment over any smooth, clean and dry subfloor, the flooring can be installed over it quicker and more easily than any other method – usually twice as fast as dryback/gluedown formats. The technology eliminates adhesive-related VOC’s and reduces labor and removal costs. It also solves other key flooring concerns including the need for a moisture barrier and a crack isolation membrane, and reduces the labor skillset required and opportunity for error.

Especially in commercial environments, the Attraxion method of installation results in quantified time and labor savings and minimal shuttering of businesses. While a typical tear-out/remodel for a commercial installation (e.g. restaurant, hospitality, retail, multi-family), based on 10,000 sq. ft., requires a 10- to 12-day cycle, installing Déjà New with Attraxion typically takes just several days.

With Attraxion, innovative layouts such as herringbone, alternating colors and borders are easier and faster to install than ever before. Déjà New with Attraxion will feature the following planks and tiles:

San Marcos Oak – 5 SKUs
9” x 60”, 20 mil wear layer, 2.5 mm gauge
In-Register embossing, micro-bevel edge

San Marcos Oak is a refined, quieter oak, with fewer knots and an elegant, natural flow of the wood grain in tones of grey and greige.

Coastal Oak – 3 SKUs
7” x 48”, 20 mil wear layer, 2.5 mm gauge
Sawcut embossing, micro-bevel edge

The classic answer to a palette wood grain, Coastal Oak’s exquisite colors, high contrast and rich, bold detail are ideal for the entire commercial spectrum, especially Retail and Hospitality.

Smooth Concrete – 2 SKUs
24” x 24”, 20 mil wear layer, 2.5 mm gauge
Rough Concrete embossing, micro-bevel edge

Concrete remains a classic look in today’s building materials. Smooth Concrete offers natural colors that work with most carpet and tile collections.

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Déjà New with Attraxion carries Declare℠ labels and Health Product Declarations® (HPD), which are used to disclose and screen product ingredients. All Metroflor luxury vinyl flooring products are FloorScore® certified.

Metroflor Corp.

Metroflor Corporation’s pioneering past dates back to 1912 when its founders opened a building materials distribution company in upstate New York.  As the company evolved, its focus sharpened around flooring and they became the first to introduce pure, homogeneous vinyl floor tile.  Since then, the company has devoted itself to leading the LVT category with new products, designs and manufacturing methods.  Collectively, Metroflor’s brands represent the largest assortment of quality LVT in the industry today. As the LVT specialists, Metroflor is in constant pursuit of the next innovation.  Our appreciation for style, design and color knows no limits as we search the globe for floors that make a design statement while delivering outstanding performance qualities. LVT is the fastest growing flooring category – and for good reason.  The design options are incredible:  woodgrains with rich color, grain and texture and tiles with the look and feel of natural stone.  Combine that with LVT’s other advantages which include durability, easy maintenance and a warmer, softer feel underfoot and you’ve got a winning combination. The Metroflor family of brands is represented by a world-class network of independent distributors and an expanding network of independent retailers and contractors.  Our products are ideal for any residential setting and are also suitable for commercial applications, including Retail, Healthcare, Assisted Living, Hospitality, Multi-Family, Corporate and Education.  For more information, visit


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