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ClimaTeck SDU-Z-P Kit

- SDU-Z-P 4 LOOPS is a modified part of the water based underfloor heating system, ideal for open areas up to 56 m² (602.78 ft²). It MUST be connected to the hot water source (Energy Unit or PDU ET - for example).- The SDU-Z-P 4 LOOPS is a manifold that is comprised of 4 loops(12 -14 m2 [129.17 ft² - 150.69 ft²] per loop). It has an Adjustable Flow Meter and Mechanical Actuators which regulate (manually) the water flow.- SDU-Z-P 4 LOOPS is made of high quality stainless steel, consisting of integrated regulating elements and a whirl pump. - The SDU-Z-P 4 LOOPS when connected to the 16/2mm Pro-Pipe forms part of a closed water based heating system, designed to heat 56 m² (602.78 ft²). - Pro-Pipe 16/2 embedded in 35 (1.38 ) mm of self aligned concrete will be connected to the SDU-Z-P. Pro-Pipe made of Dowlex with an oxygen barrier and a SKZ A281 approval. Pro-Pipe is designed for under floor heating and placed in serpentine form to be installed under different floor coverings.- SDU-Z-P 4 LOOPS should be installed inside Header Cabinet in the wall and concealed, allowing the architect to plan and design rooms easily and without restriction.


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