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Sta-Flex Fiber-LED Systems

STA-FLEX® large core fiber offers unrivaled light transmission properties. Color shift along the fiber length is virtually eliminated. The STA-FLEX advancements block the aging process typical of other fibers, allowing permanent flexibility in tempe

There are few elements in our personal and professional lives on which we rely more than effective lighting. Those who design and build lighting systems have reached to all corners of artistic representation, efficiency, safety, entertainment, and function. But nothing has made an impact on the way lighting systems are conceived and designed, and the manner in which light is delivered to where is needed, as fiber optic technology. Lumenyte International Corporation traces its history back to 1980 on the premise of developing a more decorative and safer lighting system for pools and spas. Its founders' vision resulted in the development of a technologically advanced large-core optical fiber. Their initial years of research and development have produced not only a patented, superior optical fiber, but also entire lighting systems, which are engineered for virtually any lighting application. The history of fiber optic lighting has read like that of neon: it's pretty and provides a creative tool, but the technology has been limited. That thinking is changing, and Lumenyte is largely responsible for the progression of fiber optic lighting from simple decoration to sophisticated function.Lumenyte manufactures and markets entire lighting systems worldwide. The systems consist of three parts, including optical fiber, illuminators, and peripherals (extrusions, lenses, fixtures, fittings), which are used to mount or focus the optical fiber in various applications.Newly developed fiber optic lighting systems, and especially advanced Lumenyte® Optical Fiber, opens a whole new lighting frontier. In the past, fiber optic lighting had been limited to such decorative applications as building and pool and spa accents, walkway lighting, special effects, and water effects. Today, new technologies by Lumenyte are being deemed a superior option by professionals who design lighting systems for building facades, transportation vehicles, the sign industry, museum lighting, Homeland Security, and various industrial applications, in addition to various other applications. Lumenyte offers the only DIRECTIONAL linear fiber in the world. Two new technology advancements at Lumenyte are the LumePanel(tm) Backlighting Fixture and the Encore DMX illuminator. The LumePanel system provides the lighting designer with a solution to backlight in where lamp change is inaccessible. Doug Fleenor Design designed the new robust DMX board when color programming is desired. Virtually any lighting application can be solved using the appropriate fiber optic engineering approach. Also unique to Lumenyte is its engineering team. Company principals have assembled a top group of fiber optic lighting specialists, which provides support and expertise to customers' lighting challenges. The team has a two-pronged purpose: make customer wishes a reality; and standardizes fiber optic lighting, making it easier to specify and install.Since 1980, the founders of Lumenyte have been developing fiber optic lighting systems far superior to any other. Not only did its founders focus on entire fiber optic lighting solutions, but they applied endless man hours and expertise toward the development of optical fibers that would transmit the maximum amount of light, and would offer a level of versatility fitting virtually any lighting application.Today, it has become a reality., & is part of Archinterious/ADEX Awards™. All content, graphics are copyright © with publisher. Any commercial use or distribution without the express written consent of publisher is strictly prohibited.
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