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No, you’re not hallucinating; Jen Stark’s art is out of this world! To bring her mind-bending visions to life, the Los Angeles based multi-media artist refines complex math and science concepts into approachable and immersive works that tantalize the senses. While Stark’s studies have graced galleries, museums and public environments globally, Flavor Paper has teamed up with the virtuoso to serve up a fresh take on her distinguished drips in the form of an abstract wallpaper that pops with her signature psychedelic color palette on a light-reflective gold Mylar. Aptly called Cascade, the playful pattern takes you on a mesmerizing visual ride that teeters on the edge of optical seduction and perceptual engagement. Trust us, you'll dig it! Oh, and please note that Cascade is printed in A + B drops to create a seamless 104" wide repeat.


P.S. We also worked with Jen to create peel-and-stick wall decals so you can readily relish in her ecosphere of enchantment…with your own twist, of course!


When it comes to quality, superior and sustainable is how Flavor Paper rolls – using water-based inks and only the finest ground substrates with eco-friendly materials available for both screen-print and digital processes.

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