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Smart Thermostat

The ecobee Smart Thermostat is a consumer electronics device, designed for ease of use. It features a full colour LCD display and integrated WiFi capability. A personalized web portal significantly simplifies programming by allowing users to control their HVAC system from anywhere at anytime. There is also a convenient Wizard that guides customers through the initial set-up and programming. Alerts and reminders can be set up to alert you if there is a problem with your system or if it needs to be serviced. To make life even easier, customers can download the ecobee Smart Thermostat iPhone and iPod touch app to program their home comfort. It features intelligent and proprietary algorithms that calculate optimum setbacks for homeowners and uses advanced features such as weather forecasting to drive better energy savings for homeowners. Research has shown that only 20-30% of programmable thermostats installed today are running a program. This pales in comparison to the outstanding user experience of the ecobee Smart Thermostat that has resulted in 82% of ecobee users running a program on their Smart Thermostats. The Smart Thermostat is designed to integrate with utility smart meters to display real time energy usage and time of use electricity rates. This allows homeowners to better manage their consumption around periods of peak rate electricity pricing. It allows homeowners to participate in electric utility demand response programs while maintaining control over their personal comfort.The Smart Thermostat is interactive, modular and software upgradeable over the internet, providing users with a scalable platform into the future. Seamless upgrades lend to future proof scalability and mean that users are able to benefit from the features provided for years. The Smart Thermostat is creating a culture of change in the way energy consumption is managed.

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