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AirPocket Door

The AirPocket door is a new, completely custom made patented shower door. A revolunationary door that works to keep the steam and warmth in, and the squeegee away, all while adding seamless style to any shower.

Our AirPocket Door utilizes the same technology as our award winning Air-Jet Shower Drying System. Air-Jet nozzles are built into the spine of the stainless-steel pocket, drying out the glass after use. By quickly drying the glass, we help eliminate squeegee use, reduce water marks, and the mess of a swinging drippy door. The user can achieve a "steam" effect with the door closed, or an open concept feel with the door in the pocket. The Airpocket Door is custom sized to fit each individual shower. It is the perfect additon to any shower, and a smart add on to any steam room or steam shower.

The Design Process

Each AirPocket Door is completely custom made based on the specific dimensions of each shower. The door can be installed with a curb or without, and includes a built in drain that incorporates into the shower drain. We work with local glass companies across the US to supply and install the glass.


The AirPocket Door helps prevent mold, moldew, watermarks and the use of harsh chemicals. Our shower drying systems help to circulate the air in the shower space, which helps keep the bathroom humidity down and surfaces dry.


The AirPocket Door is $6500.

AIRMADA is a manufacturer of patented shower drying technology. The AIRMADA Air-Jet Shower Drying System uses a series of Air-Jet nozzles set flush to the ceiling or walls of the shower to significantly reduce drying time, mold and mildew. Simple to install, AIRMADA can be integrated into existing shower spaces, remodeled bathrooms or new construction. AIRMADA also manufactures a stainless-steel pocket for glass shower doors that incorporates the Air-Jet Drying System. The AirPocket Door creates an enclosed space for steam showers and eliminates traditional swinging doors. All of our metal components are machined and fabricated in Lincoln.

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