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Interior Design: :-John Brubaker

Photography: © Paul Turang Photography

Who we are is who we have always been, innovators and partners to the lighting design community. We are a “Made in the USA” family owned and operated, multigenerational enterprise, consisting of 70 dedicated employees who span 60 years in age difference. We got our start in the lighting industry in 1982 in Huntington Beach, California, Surf City USA, and as we have reinvented ourselves a few times, we continue to thrive. Our amazing employees all play a vital role in a successful customer experience and we are committed to supporting our lighting design, educational, local and non-profit communities. We pride ourselves on being an eco friendly practice through recycling and solvent free manufacturing processes.

5761 Research Dr
Huntington Beach CA 92649
United States
(714) 230-3200
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