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G-Series Desk Lounge

Shared work environments encourage connectivity and collaboration. Teaching and learning are easier in open environments. G-Series workstations are designed for flexibility and movement. Various degrees of separation and privacy can be achieved with add-on screens and accessories. If your company is moving and growing, G-Series workstations will be an asset providing agility to your environment. Simple and clean in design, G-Series Benching system is built with the quality and boldness that is SCALE 1:1


Sustainable Materials include 100% recycled content in core substrate materials. Powder Coating steel finish release 0 VOC's into atmosphere. All materials sourced locally. Product made in USA.


Best of NeoCon 2015


Price varies based on configuration, accessories and finishes. Contact for a quick quote.


Designed by Architect and Industrial Designer David Winston. Made in California.

1912 East 7th Place
Los Angeles CA 90021
United States
(213) 742-6885
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