My Prerogative lamp

Whether you're feeling grounded, centered, or flying high, the My Prerogative collection of table lamps suits your mood ‚¬â€and décor. Designer Laura Spector takes a cue from nature ‚¬â€and Bobby Brown and Britney- with My Prerogative, her collection of one of a kind, self- adjustable lamps. Each has a unique central organic focal point. Selected form nature's own repertoire of curiosities, a sculptural presentation renders the invisible- visible. My designs illuminate the essential beauty of the organic form and trace the connection between nature and our perceptions about it. Pictured, a wing-shaped, open armed form rests on a blackened steel base, grounding the pale wood, so that it appears to float. Best of all? So that “you can make your own decision,  Thanks to a hidden inner clamp, the “body  is height adjustable, and can face any directions you choose It's your Prerogative

Laura Spector is a designer and builder of rustic furnishings. Inspired by nature, and raised by a very French mother, she creates whimsical, one of a kind furnishings in the 18th Century, European Romantic tradition.

According to Barbara Israel, author and consultant to The Metropolitan Museum of Art, “Laura is the only contemporary artist working in this medium. She has mastered the technique of the uninterrupted line, creating works of classical symmetry from natural forms.”

Light in spirit, rich in detail, she likes to explore the connection between nature and the decorative arts. “I love to blur the line between rustic and refined and am always amazed at how easily my source material lends itself to that exchange.” From English wrought ironwork to French boisserie, her furnishings suggest nature with a nod to history.

Hmmm... Isn't that Sting posing on a Laura Spector bench on the cover of INTERVIEW MAGAZINE? Oh, I see they used Cindy Crawford as a prop for Laura's recent “What Becomes a Legend Most” campaign. Her work has been featured in The NEW YORK TIMES, HOUSE & GARDEN, INTERIOR DESIGN, OPRAH, and ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN as well as several books on rustic and garden design.

Ever the fashionista, her work has been commissioned by Bergdorf Goodman, Macy*s, Catherine Malendrino, Mario Testino and the new Dallas “W Hotel.” While we can all be invited to the homes of Joan Baez, Don Imus and Phil Donahue, why not book a suite at The lake Placid Lodge stopping for lunch at Grounds for Sculpture on the way?

786 Westport Trpk
Fairfield CT 6824
United States
(203) 254-3952
Laura Spector Rustic Design
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