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Key Control Deadbolt - No Plate

Kwikset's Key Control™ Deadbolt Eliminates Need for Master Keys Providing Superior Control, Security, and Cost-Savings to Property ManagersLAS VEGAS, NV (January 19, 2010) – Kwikset®, an innovation leader in the residential door hardware industry, today introduced the Key Control™ Deadbolt featuring SmartKey® re-key technology, a smart and secure alternative to master keying. Kwikset Key Control deadbolts differ from traditional pin and tumbler master key deadbolts because they contain two cylinders: one concealed, patented cylinder that is a new and proprietary keyway for added security beyond current master key options, to be used by the property manager, allowing for one key control to all units; and a second cylinder to be used by the tenant, or individual user.Kwikset's new Key Control Deadbolts provide significant time and cost-savings to property managers over the traditional pin and tumbler master key system. With the pin and tumbler master key system, a lost or stolen master key creates a significant security risk for potentially hundreds of tenants, and the only solutions for property managers are time consuming and expensive. In this situation, a property manager has to either hire an outside contractor who charges a fee plus a cost per lock, or use an internal maintenance employee, who earns an hourly wage to undergo the time consuming process of removing every lock from every unit, disassembling, re-keying, reassembling, and then re-installing each one. Because this must be done as quickly as possible for tenant security, property managers can also expect to incur additional fees or charges for the extended hours required.“With Key Control Deadbolts, property managers can re-key every lock, quickly and easily, in three simple steps, without removal from the door,” said Margo Fevergeon, product manager, Kwikset. “This provides not only a tremendous time and cost-savings to management, since each lock can be re-keyed in

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