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Duality Series, Washington DC, USA

The Duality Series is a collection of fourteen framed dot-matrix sculptures which represent in themselves a binary system. Opposing directional tone is generated through their x/y axis composition, and each artwork shows an equal balance of opposing tones through its own individual graphic design.The Duality Series continues the studios artistic interrogation of themes including balance, contrast, unity and duality. These concepts have been ever-present in our output, with Giles’ earliest work exploring the contrast of opposing textures and tones within surfaces, but now the studio enjoys the application of such ideas in a more purely artisanal context; framed artworks.

Giles Miller Studio believes in enriching the way we experience our surroundings. The studio creates innovative surfaces, sculpture and architecture. In each discipline, the studio brings new meaning to spaces by celebrating the relationship between materials and light.

56 Hemsworth Street
London Greater London N1 5JT
United Kingdom
(207) 293-0253
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