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Wood Fire Pizza Oven in Vibrant Red

Serving as a focal centerpiece, the beautiful vibrant red, Italian vintage style Wood Fired Pizza Oven features an eye catching stainless-steel design with a sleek, half-dome top to elevate any backyard space. Its heavily insulated brick oven cavity rapidly pre-heats to the ideal pizza making temperature in under five minutes for restaurant-style charred, bubbly crust. It spacious 25.1- by 29.5-inch cooking zone allows home chefs to effortlessly prepare a generously sized pizza up to 24-inches, or an assortment of side dishes with ease. The oven’s durable 430 stainless-steel make up and four rugged wheels are made to withstand varying weather conditions when stored outdoors. Additional models include a dual fuel with propane hookup or a silver stainless-steel design.

The Design Process

The Wood Fired Pizza Oven was designed as a functioning statement piece, offering a vibrant red, Italian inspired silloutte that immediately draws in attention from guests. Additionally, the oven was design for efficiency, with a heavily insulted cooking interior that rapidly prepares generously sized pizzas in under five minutes, for home chefs looking for fresh meals with limited time to spare.  







The wood fired pizza oven is priced at $2,150 MSRP. 

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