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20-20 Visual Impression

Platinum Award
20-20 Visual Impression is an easy-to-use software for designing and presenting full-scene, high-quality, 3D visualizations of office environments. Tightly integrated with 20-20 CAP Studio, 20-20 Giza Studio, and 20-20 Worksheet, 20-20 Visual Impression lets you easily add 3D visualizations to your usual workflow. Work more quickly and intuitively with manufacturer-specific information from the largest number of catalogs available.20-20 Visual Impression strikes the perfect balance, providing the highest quality visualization possible for the least amount of set up time and effort. It makes visualization possible on every project, helping you create beautiful designs and stunning presentations that set you apart from the competition.

400 Armand-Frappier Blvd. #2020
Laval QC H7V 4B4
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