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Galvanex® Ultra™ and SpectraShield® Ultra™ Powder Coat Finish : Two New Finish Upgrades

Clopay® Corporation, a leader in closure products for commercial, residential, industrial, institutional, and retail applications, introduces Two New Finish Upgrades that provide a protective top layer for rolling security doors, to help prevent finish deterioration and increase the curtain’s protection against a corrosive environment. Both Galvanex® Ultra™ and SpectraShield® Ultra™ Powder Coat Finish aid in keeping a protective closure looking like the day it was installed, despite a high cycle volume. This product will be available in Clopay® Corporation’s Cornell and Cookson brands.  

As polyester-based, textured, and wear-resistant clear coat finishes, Galvanex® Ultra™ and SpectraShield® Ultra™ provide increased resistance to corrosion and improved durability against deteriorations and marring of the curtain, during regular use.  

“The number of times a rolling door opens and closes not only affects the mechanics of the closure system,” said Nicole Vivalda, Senior Product Manager, Clopay® Corporation. “Frequent cycling of the door also creates significant wear and tear on the finish. Without a protective top coating, the closure product is susceptible to environmental elements and scratching, decreasing the aesthetic longevity of the door.”  


Improving Long-Lasting Aesthetics 

Galvanex® Ultra™ is an upgraded version of the company’s GalvaNex™ Finish, an exclusive, dual coat finish applied to steel curtains, available in gray, tan, white, or brown. SpectraShield® Ultra™ is an upgrade of SpectraShield®—an environmentally friendly, powder coat finish for steel or aluminum—available in more than 180 RAL colors, as well as customized hues specified to match a facility’s unique style. These long wearing, upgraded Ultra finishes also are standard top coats for the company’s ImageMatch™ printed graphics. 


Engineered to be aesthetically pleasing for years to come, the new finishes feature a 5-year warranty against fading, cracking, blistering, flaking or peeling, as well as a 2-year or 50,000 cycles warranty (whichever comes first) against normal abrasion and scratching.  


More Information 

To learn more about Galvanex® Ultra™ and SpectraShield® Ultra™ Powder Coat Finish, please visit: or  

About Clopay® Corporation
Founded in 1964, Clopay® Corporation (“Clopay”) is the largest manufacturer and marketer of garage doors and rolling steel doors in North America. The company sells residential and commercial overhead sectional doors through leading home center retail chains and a network of over 2,500 independent professional dealers under the brands Clopay, Ideal, and Holmes. Rolling steel doors and grilles for commercial, industrial, institutional, and retail use are sold under the Cornell and Cookson brands. 

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