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AcousTech Contour™ Flat and 3D Shaped Panels

Best of 2023

AcousTech Contour™ Flat and 3D Shaped Panels are expertly crafted, custom-shaped, decorative panels designed to introduce depth and aesthetic appeal to any space, making them an ideal wall treatment for noise and sound control in various settings such as offices, hallways, lobbies, healthcare facilities, and conference areas.  

Contour™ panels are available in an array of standard and custom shapes, sizes, and fabric options, including both flat-faced and 3D designs. The fabric facings offer a wide range of choices, featuring selections from Guilford of Maine and designer fabrics from Maharam, Carnegie, DesignTex, Knoll, and others. 

Emphasizing customization, AcousTech allows for any combination of quantity, shape, and fabric, catering to both design preferences and budgetary needs. The panels are not only visually striking but also boast the highest sound absorption efficiency, enhancing the acoustic quality of the environment. Lightweight and easy to install, these panels come with fully concealed mounting hardware, seamlessly blending into the design of the space.  

Moreover, the installation of these panels contributes to LEED credit eligibility, underlining their environmentally friendly qualities. Importantly, these low-VOC panels adhere to the stringent GREENGUARD Children & Schools certification and meet California Title 24 requirements, ensuring low emissions and healthier indoor air quality. This blend of aesthetic versatility, acoustic performance, and environmental responsibility makes AcousTech Contour Panels a superior choice for enhancing both the design and functionality of any space. 



  • The low-VOC product meets GREENGUARD Children & Schools certification requirements, as well as California Title 24.
  • LEED Credit Eligibility With Installation of These Products


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Specializing in decorative interior products for sound absorption, sound diffusion, sound reflection, and noise control applications, AVL Systems, Inc. collaborates with Architects, Consultants, and Designers throughout the world to create innovative and affordable sound control solutions for all types of projects and environments. Through these relationships, AVL merges today's acoustical performance and aesthetic design requirements with tomorrow's technologies, catalyzing the continued creation of new and innovative AVL Systems products.

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