ADEX Awards Call For Entries 2020-21
The goal of the AFL-CIO was to create a modern ‚¬ËœClass A' office building to take the organization into the next decade and create an up-to-date, code compliant, and thoughtfully-designed building to reflect the newly re-organized union's purpose and direction. The ultimate design incorporated flexibility for growth and improved the building's overall performance to support the needs of an evolving organization. As part of the renovation, the front entry of the building was relocated to the north end of the 16th Street façade creating a landscaped forum and a visual link to the historic St. John's Episcopal Church and the neighboring White House. A replica restoration of the entire first-floor steel and glass fenestration was completed and the existing carport was removed. GGA introduced a new vehicular drop-off, a canopied entry and building signage to timelessly modernize the building's simple classic design. Elevator upgrades were completed, and a sprinkler system and new fire alarm system were designed. A gas-powered generator was also installed to support emergency power for the life safety systems, lighting, alarm, and security controls, as well as to power the 1,200 SF LAN room for 24 hours. The electrical service was increased to add 8 watts per square foot for power and 4 watts for lighting while new switchgear was added and transformers were upgraded. The water supply to the building needed to be increased to accommodate the new sprinkler and fire hose valve risers and to meet ADA requirements and the present plumbing codes for fixture counts. Additionally, ADA compliant bathrooms were added to each floor while the second and first floor had entirely new bathroom facilities added.

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