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Ventus Bath Sink with Faucet Deck paired with Elemental Classic Legs with Crossbar

Stone Forest continues to expand the award-winning Elemental Collection.  Elemental Classic style is a unique, modular concept that allows you to combine integral stone sinks, wood drawers, and steel, wood, or stone shelving in unlimited combinations.  Elemental Classic includes brass legs with knurled fittings that support the components and are available in aged brass, polished nickel, and matte black. Gunmetal fittings are available in Elemental Classic style for a limited time.

Stone Forest is adding a crossbar option that can be included with any of the brass leg configurations. Here the matte black Elemental Classic Legs with Crossbar is paired with a Ventus Bath Sink with Faucet Deck which is carved from a single block of carrara marble and then honed to a matte finish. The Ventus is also offered in antique gray limestone. This sink is a spacious rectangular form that features a thin-walled profile.

Founded over 30 years ago and based on the core concept of the simple beauty of natural materials, Stone Forest has become one of the leading US companies in the high-end bath, kitchen, and garden market.  We supply over 500 discriminating showrooms worldwide with unique, high-end designs.


The Design Process

Stone Forest design inspiration: The design should never speak louder than the stone itself.


he Stone Forest Elemental Crossbar Vanity has not specifically won any awards but the overall Elemental Collection has won many. 2018 Good Design™ Award Winner presented by The Chicago Athenaeum : Museum of Architecture and Design Elemental Collection 2018 Interior Design Magazine’s Best of Year Award Honoree Elemental Collection - Bath Cabinetry Category 2018 Decorative Plumbing and Hardware Association’s Elemental Collection - Furniture Product of the Year 2019 Interior Design Magazine’s NYC x Design Finalist Wall Mount Ventus in the Bath Fixtures category 2019 Better Homes & Gardens “30 Most Innovative Products” Elemental Collection The 30 Most Innovative Products of 2019 These award-winning products are changing the way we think about kitchen and bath design. 2019 Interior Design Magazine’s Best of Year Award Honoree Elemental Collection - Bath Fixtures Category 2020 Good Design Award – Bath & Accessories category Hanging Vanity with 15" depth Storage 2020 Design Journal Best of Products & Adex Nominee Double Ventus Elemental Console


36"w Ventus Bath Sink with Faucet Deck in carrara marble (Item# TD-THN-FCT-36 CA)  $2252

Three-hole 8" widespread faucet hole drilling (Item# DRILL 3H) $100

Elemental Classic Legs with Crossbar in matte black (Item# PFS-TD-CNR-36 MB) $2276

Exalting the glory of stone, metal, and wood, Stone Forest brings the essential energy and beauty of nature into the garden, kitchen, and bathroom with sculpted designs to evoke the expansive and restorative feelings of the outdoor world.  Whether carved from single blocks of granite, marble, travertine, and onyx; forged in bronze and copper; or crafted from wood and iron, each piece is uniquely authentic.


Formed in 1989, Stone Forest is a group of artisans and designers focused on bringing the elegant simplicity of natural materials into the kitchen and bath and garden.  We take our lead from nature’s blue print, emphasizing the quiet beauty of stone, bronze, copper, wood, and iron. 


Stone Forest was founded by Michael Zimber in 1989.  Michael’s relationship with stone and water began in his early 20s when he worked as a climbing and river guide.  Fascinated with the beauty of the rock cliffs he was scaling, he began sculpting blocks of stone in his spare time.  Mike thought that if he could somehow capture this feeling and bring it into people’s homes, he could make an enjoyable and meaningful living. Stone Forest was born.

Stone Forest design inspiration: The design should never speak louder than the stone itself.


213 St. Francis Drive
Santa Fe NM 87501
United States
(505) 986-8883
Stone Forest
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