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The Profiles Collection

Platinum Award
Add a little drama to your styling space with statement pieces that won't sacrifice modern functionality. With distinctive metal accents and customizable configurations, the Profiles Collection provides a complete modular solution that's as stunning as it is versatile.


FeaturesWherever you start your day, high quality task lighting can make all the difference. Choose from four metal finishes to coordinate with Profiles Medicine Cabinets, Profiles Mirrors, and Profiles Vanities.Adjustable LED LightingAdjustable LED LightingVariable lighting option lets you fine-tune your color temperature between warm (2700K) and cool (5600K) tones.Warm White LED LightingWarm White LED LightingWarm, relaxing tones (2700K) replicate indoor light to help you unwind before bed or ease into your morning.Cool White LED LightingCool White LED LightingCool, invigorating tones (4000K) simulate bright daylight to jumpstart your day and provide ideal task lighting.Color Rendering Index (CRI)Color Rendering Index (CRI)Profiles Lighting offers remarkably accurate color rending at 90+ CRI, so you can see your truest reflection.Light Direction and OutputLight Direction and OutputThe right light is achieved by a combination of high lumen output and proper placement in relation to the face and body. Robern lighted mirrors have been carefully desinged to enable you to see yourself in the best light by eliminating dark shadows, experience bright even task lighting, see rich, saturated tone in your reflection and be confident that lighting stays consistent, even for close up tasks.Smooth, Flicker-Free DimmingSmooth, Flicker-Free DimmingDimmable lighting lets you select the ideal brightness for any task, using a standard residential dimmer that works with your home's existing wiring.Dimming and Tuning with Manual ControlsDimming and Tuning with Manual ControlsFor the ultimate lighting control, we recommend pairing your Profiles Lighting with LED dimmers and controls to achieve smooth and continuous dimming and tunable white.Dimming and Tuning with Scene ControlsDimming and Tuning with Scene ControlsFor the ultimate lighting control, we recommend pairing your Profiles Lighting with LED dimmers and controls to achieve scenes control, app control and timeclock.

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