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BT45 Coffee Experience

BT45 Coffee Experience is a perfect combination of organizers and accessories which would make any coffee enthusiast happy.‎ The set can be customized for Nespresso machine or any other whole-bean coffee system.‎ As any other BT45 organization systems, all items for the Coffee Experience are well thought, beautiful and perfectly performed.‎ The Coffee Experience consists out of a set of matt white saucers, double-wall glass short glasses for espresso and tall glasses for cappuccino from WMF.‎ This organization system is accomplished by a set of WMF coffee spoons: long and short for a perfect match with the coffee glasses.‎ Every item has its own place, specially carved slots in the black wood board.‎ It helps to keep all the items organized and to make sure that the expensive and exquisite items don’t move in the drawer.‎ BT45 Coffee Experience can also be supplied with an organizer for Nespresso capsules: luxurious black wood board with round niches to perfectly sort and hold in place each capsule.‎ Enjoy your coffee and get an aesthetic pleasure by using at your magnificent organization system by BT45.‎

As a German design company, BT45 believes in technology, order and organization.‎ Each BT45 product is a state-of-the-art, which looks great not only outside, but also inside.‎ In order for us to complete the luxurious experience of BT45 kitchen (bathroom or closet), we created a line of bespoke accessories for the drawers.‎ The accessories for each item and function, perfectly designed to accomplish each drawer, functional and aesthetic.‎ BT45 kitchen accessories allow the user to enjoy the cooking experience.‎

Developed by BauTeam and made in Germany with strict quality criteria which used only components sourced from the finest European suppliers, BT45 kitchens are the result of what happens when superior materials and planning solutions unite. BT45 kitchens are furnished with a full set of sophisticated accessories made of black oak and set in a matte black finish. This luxury accessory set is designed and made in Germany with style and substance, ensuring thatBT45 kitchens are never overlooked. Open your mind to the design symphony of seamless and impeccable form, quality and materials that is BT45. With technical elegance and meticulously crafted details, Bt45 is the result when design and quality fit smoothly together with technology and innovation.

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