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ZIP System™ Vapor Permeable (VP) Tape

Rounding out the ZIP System portfolio of tape and fluid-applied flashing solutions is the introduction of ZIP System™ Vapor Permeable (VP) Tape. The high-performing professional tape is used in panel seam sealing and flashing applications, key components of a ZIP System® wall assembly using ZIP System integrated sheathing. The combination is an all-in-one structural assembly with built-in water-resistive barrier and rigid air barrier with a tape perm rating higher than standard ZIP System™ flashing tape for teams seeking a specific permeability in their designs. ZIP System VP tape is available in 3.75” x 90” rolls through lumberyards and Amazon. The product rounds out a portfolio of sealing materials that include a wide variety of 15 different straight and “stretch” tapes, as well as fluid-applied flashing offerings. The new ZIP System VP Tape offers all the benefits of standard ZIP System™ flashing tape with a high-powered acrylic adhesive and broad temperature application range, with the added feature of a higher permeance for teams seeking to increase this factor for unique designs or environments. A potential solution for extreme climate zones or high performance assemblies often found in passive house, net zero, or other above code project certification programs, ZIP System VP Tape is a great complement to the full line of ZIP System integrated sheathing and sealing solutions. For more information, visit

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