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BlĴ Lounge Bar - Bucharest, Romania

Mounted on top of a glass pedestal with small LED lights and crystal blue water beneath, the bar features two horseshoe-shaped sections, each of which required nearly 30,000 cubic inches (approximately 76,000 cubic cm) of deeply textured ice acrylic on the front and sides, and completely smooth acrylic for the top of the bar. A rotating pattern of colored lighting installed on the inside of the bar's acrylic panels constantly creates a new effect for the bar and surrounding lobby.




Location: Radisson SAS in Bucharest, RomaniaBar Design & Lighting: Cube Lighting (UK)

SERVICES1) Design & Engineering2) Fabrication3) Installation & proprietary bonding methodsPRODUCTS1) R-Cast acrylic sheets, rods, & tubes2) R-Cast custom acrylic casting up to 1m thick3) R-Cast laminates in custom colors4) R-Cast opaques in custom colors5) R-Cast Ice - simulates texture and appearance of real iceOur R-Cast acrylic is 4 times stronger than concrete yet weighs half as much as glass. Our single-casting method allows for superior viewing clarity.

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