Mandalay Bay
The aquarium in the lobby of the Mandalay Bay Casino sets the tone for the rest of the casino hotel. The 14 foot tall (just over 4.2m), 12,000 gallon (more than 45,000 Liters) saltwater tank is home to various types of fish, including Soldierfish, Angelfish, Puffers, Squarebacks, and Hawkfish. The aquarium is set in a marble structure to match the surrounding architecture of the hotel and hints of more to come with the rest of the casino's water-focused entertainment.
Reynolds Polymer Technology Inc.
SERVICES 1) Design & Engineering 2) Fabrication 3) Installation & proprietary bonding methods PRODUCTS 1) R-Cast acrylic sheets, rods, & tubes 2) R-Cast custom acrylic casting up to 1m thick 3) R-Cast laminates in custom colors 4) R-Cast opaques in custom colors 5) R-Cast Ice - simulates texture and appearance of real ice Our R-Cast acrylic is 4 times stronger than concrete yet weighs half as much as glass. Our single-casting method allows for superior viewing clarity.
Address: 607 Hollingsworth St
City: Grand Junction
State: CO
Zip: 81505
Country: United States
Phone: (970) 241-4700
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