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Electronic AutoLock

Clopay® Corporation introduces the Electronic AutoLock, available through both the Cornell and Cookson brands. In facilities that utilize grilles for protection, safety is the number one priority. Clopay® Corporation is now offering an Electronic AutoLock for its Extreme MicroCoil® Grille – 500K Cycles and its 300 Series Grille, adding an additional protection feature that prevents lifting attempts and elevates the security of the already robust products.  

 The proprietary locks mount to each of the guides and automatically engage with no manual intervention, securing the closed grille in place - keeping intruders out. It can be retrofitted to an existing Extreme Series grille in the field or added as an option on a new Extreme Series grille.  The Electronic AutoLock increases the overall security and strength of the MicroCoil® Grille and 300 Series Grille by increasing lift resistance, without compromising the aesthetics or the high-performance qualities of the grille. 

The lock is tested to resist the force of two assailants—withstanding up to 1,200 pounds of force on grilles with aluminum guides and up to 940 pounds of force on stainless steel guides without the bottom bar lifting over the lock. Adding this additional security feature is ideal for unmanned or overnight parking garages.  


 Additional Features & Specifications  

  • The Electronic AutoLocks are preinstalled and mounted to the guides for easy adjustment in the field.   
  • Designed with a durable stainless steel cover and housing with a solenoid plate within the housing. The solenoid plate controls the state of the lock and is powered by the controller.   
  • Locks are failsafe during a power outage and will stay locked in the closed position, with the option of a manual key to open the grille if necessary.   

For more than 50 years, Clopay® has manufactured beautiful, durable, and reliable garage doors. We are honored to be America’s favorite garage door brand, a distinction achieved through our unrelenting focus on delivering true performance. To further reinforce our commitment to providing the best products and services, Clopay is an active member of the International Door Association and the Door and Access Systems Manufacturers Association. 



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