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Duraply panels are made of premium single-piece core veneers from European sustainable poplar plantations that provide extraordinary lightweight panels making them easy to machine, virtually void-free with no telegraphing, with exceptional bond quality, flatness, stability and machining properties.

Ultradurable plywood for outdoor use, it is modified through an innovative treatment that provides the panel with exceptional durability, even after sanding or machining.

Immune to attacks from fungi and xylophages, even outdoors, and without delamination, with a 15-year guarantee.

Available with a decorative/laminate finish of exceptional beauty, very resistant to impact and scratching.

Applications: Ideal for outdoor construction projects such as facades, roof supports, cornices and doors. Perfect for outdoor elements, such as sheds, outdoor furniture, sign panels, do-it-yourself projects and equipment for vessels.

Established in 1941 as a sawmill in La Rioja, Spain, Garnica is a pioneer in the development of innovative ways to manage and use natural resources responsibly and intelligently. We are a leader in the manufacturing of exceptional plywood solutions, serving the needs of our more than 600 clients in 45 countries.

Garnica has grown considerably since its early days, it employs 1,100 people and has six factories with production standards that revolve around sustainability. Garnica supports sustainable plantations as a source of raw materials for its products and we are always in search of excellence while steadily progressing.

Offering a wide range of products, Garnica is the global benchmark for plywood panel production in the industry.

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