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Linear Diffuser

Best of 2023

Minimal and sublime, the Invi Air Linear Diffuser is as discreet as it gets. It blends seamlessly into any ceiling or wall for a clean, modern look that complements the surrounding architecture. The biggest difference between our linear diffusers and traditional metal diffusers is their proven reduction of condensation and elimination of cracks. Invi Air’s innovative composite material does not expand and contract the way that aluminum and steel linear slot diffusers do.

  • Frameless, flush mount installation
  • Used for both SUPPLY and RETURN
  • Suits gypsum, acoustical, tile or custom system ceilings and walls
  • Available in any length and slot opening
  • Curved options are available
  • Lower noise criteria
  • Simple and swift installation
  • Easy to paint. Match virtually any ceiling color and texture
  • Composite material which minimizes condensation, static and dust
  • ASTM E 84 Class A Rated
  • CARB Phase II Compliant

Invi Air manufactures innovative Air Diffusers and Access Panels designed for architects and developers who create signature buildings.

Invi Air was found by HVAC professionals who have over 40 years of solid experience and reputation in the industry . Recently they introduced this groundbreaking product line which will change the traditional look of Air Diffusers and Access Panels by blending seamlessly with the ceilings like no other product does. In addition, we improved our designs with another unique feature - the option of LED light integration.

67 Guernsey St
Brooklyn NY 11222
United States
Invi Air
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