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Consumers may never know that the essence of many of the foods and fragrances they enjoy originate in the enterprise of Victor Mane, who founded a distillery in southeastern France to produce fragrant materials from regional flowers and plants in 1871. Today, businesses in 39 countries depend on products from the Mane Group, backed by 27 manufacturing plants, 50 R&D centers and 77 offices worldwide, led by Jean Mane, a member of the fifth generation of the founding family. BR Design’s design of a two-floor, 15,562-square-foot New York space for Mane USA reflects the importance of the site, comprising a sales office, innovation center and fine fragrance studio. The facility has been conceived with an open plan where perfumers and evaluators “hot spot” at unassigned workstations and enclosed spaces provide high-performance air circulation so odors can be properly extracted for perfumers to smell. Organized by teams for sales and marketing, logistics, perfumer and evaluator, and management with ample collaborative areas, the design uses natural materials (stressing organic and green sources), glass and copper and black metal detailing to create a modern, minimal environment that is both functional and chic. A mixture of pendant and cove lighting provide sophisticated finishing touches.

An award-winning New York-based interior design firm serving clients in fields as diverse as finance, advertising, law and entertainment. BR Design Associates work is infused and inspired by the belief that man-made environments should perform well and thus inspire the best architecture and interior design. 

Launched in 1985 with a simple goal, listen to the client. BR Design has always practiced design as a client focused team acitivity, commited to constant collaboration and communication with the client. With projects spanning the globe, we understand that every client and project is unique. Based on that understanding, our "listen first" philosophy is at the core of our collaborative culture. We make it a point to dive deep and take the time to understand and translate our clients' goals.

From project conception to completion we're right by your side.

630 9th Ave, Suite 502
New York NY 10036
United States
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