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EXACOR™ wall sheathing panels

EXACOR™ wall sheathing panels are engineered with commercial and multifamily builders’ needs in mind, offering structural strength and dimensional stability, with the added benefit of 1 and 2-hour fire-rated assembly options. EXACOR™ comes from the makers of AdvanTech™ Subfloor Assemblies and ZIP System™ Building Enclosures, ensuring the product quality and the customer support your project needs. Suited for use in Construction Types III and V, the panels can be installed by existing framing crews familiar with installing OSB or plywood sheathing and provide a fire-resistant1 solution that may help reduce the number of layers needed in a 2-hour fire-rated exterior wall assemblies. EXACOR Wall Sheathing combines two highly desirable attributes; fire-resistance1 like gypsum-based exterior sheathings and structural benefits like fire-rated plywood’s or OSB’s.

EXACOR™ wall sheathing panels:

  • Available in 1/2” (12mm) and 5/8” (16mm) nominal thickness options and in panel sizes of 4’ x 8’ (1220mm x 2440mm), 4’ x 9’ (1220mm x 2750mm) and 4’ x 10’ (1220mm x 3050mm).
  • Approved in the following tested fire-rated assemblies (available in the EXACOR Fire and Sound Assemblies Handbook on
    • EXACOR™ MgO 1-Hour Wall Assembly MOS-1290-04 (ESL-1290) requires EXACOR™ sheathing, fiberglass insulation, wood framing and gypsum.
    • EXACOR™ MgO 2-Hour Wall Assembly MOS-1290-03 (ESL-1290) requires EXACOR™ sheathing, mineral wool insulation, wood framing and two gypsum panels.
  • Proprietary structural values for use in shear walls as described in ESR-4635.
  • Manufactured under a quality control program with inspections by ICC-ES and Underwriters Laboratory to ensure consistent product performance.

Limitations and restrictions apply to EXACOR™ sheathing used in exterior walls of Type III Construction that are greater than 40ft in height above grade plane.3 See ESL-1290 for information regarding the use of EXACOR™ panels in NFPA 285 assemblies.4 EXACOR is backed by a 10-year Limited Warranty (limitations and restrictions apply, see for details). For more information on EXACOR™ wall sheathing visit


1  EXACOR panels may be used in specific published fire-resistant-rated assemblies as tested in accordance with ASTM E119/ANSI UL 263. Follow published fire-resistance-rated assembly requirements and consult local building codes and designer of record for fire-resistant design requirements.

2  See full assemblies for details and requirements.

3 According to ICC-ES ESL-1290. 

4 To learn more about NFPA 285, please click here.

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