Decadent apartment in Lisbon

Renovation, design and decoration of a old apartment in Lisbon downtown. It is a project of remodeling and decorating an apartment, in an area that is currently luxurious in the city of Lisbon, but that has been left for many years to be abandoned. Thus, the concept for this project was inspired by urban decay. It tells the story of the effort to preserve the historical traces of the place while exuding some suggestions from the times when it was abandoned. The walls are thus decorated with insect sculptures and the ceilings have been fully restored in order to maintain the original paintings and finishes. As it is an apartment for local tourism, a minimalist and contemporary decoration was chosen. It is admittedly a unique and suitable space for the individual tourist or couples who love to explore the history of the places where they pass.

Amar´te is a project of love. 
Made of love and with love.
It is a testament to happiness.
Of the moments that mark.
Of the moments that remake us and improve us.
It is a new beginning.
Everything in one place.
All in the same team. Specialists in Design, Renovations and Restorations Amar´te appears with the aim of creating projects, spaces and objects with love. With lot of love.

Casa das Hortas, Lugar de Cunha
Cinfaes 4690-276
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