Color Me Blues

In Upstate NY, it is not uncommon to find trout in streams and creeks with lily pads. Within these creeks are turtles, dragonflies, and great blue herons, or in this case, heron tracks. Each tile is 100% handmade the old fashion way, starting with a block of clay that is hand-rolled, hand-cut, and eventually hand painted; a very time intensive process. Being also 100% designs, this client sent me a small piece of her wall field tiles. From there I developed a matching finish on the handmade rocks that surround the trout stream. It's little details like this that make for a beautiful and timeless interior design. This design is one of my most pirated images on the web that is used to draw traffic away from my website. "When you can truly embrace nature in a loving way, there is no way to stop it from emerging through your art. It just overtakes ever part of your soul." Diane H. Holycross


Each tiles is fully vitrified and shower-safe to last for generations to come. All clay is re-worked to make additional tiles and never thrown away. It is a very time intensive design process.

Tiles with Style is a decorative ceramic tile studio that is owned and operated solely by master tile artist, Diane H. Holycross. Diane specializes in custom hand made / handmade, shaped, mosaic, decorative tiles. She is very well known for her quality craftsmanship, elegant designs, and fully custom colorations. And yet, her tiles are much more than just decorative ceramic tile � Diane's purpose is to create a unique work of art, ornament, and architecture in your ceramic tile mosaic border, kitchen backsplash mosaic, tile countertops, ceramic floor mosaic tiles, fireplace mosaic tile designs, bathroom ceramic tile surrounds, and custom hand made tiles.rn

3094 Fitch Road
Ransomville NY 14131
United States
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