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The morning blue hour is a time of tranquility. Quiet, deserted streets with few cars, it is one of the only times that you can see a city for its architecture rather than its life. This is the inspiration behind our new CITYSCAPES, an abstract expressionist view manifested through digital printing. Depending on your chosen color scheme, CITYSCAPES moves from the blue hour, just before sunrise or after sunset, to the golden hour, shortly after sunrise or before sunset. Although the design looks hand dyed, it is digitally printed on a linen-look double wide FR sheer designed with twisted insertion stitches to create a rhythm of “horizon lines” in juxtaposition to the vibrant cityscape. We are unifying a 19th century decorative stitching technique with a modern 21st century interpretation, making this tranquil fabric extremely transitional for usage in almost any environment.


Sustainability is the paradigm of digital textile printing. Digital printing technologies are by nature more sustainable than traditional analog alternatives, and offer a way forward towards clean, efficient, profitable manufacturing. We are embracing sustainable manufacturing practices, from the recycled fibers that we choose to spin, the fabric preparation chemistry that we use to coat and finish, through to the print machinery and inks formulations with which we print. Investment continues to be made to further develop innovative new stream-line processes and technologies.


Best of Year Award Honoree from Interior Design Magazine



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