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Elevations MagnetX

Platinum Award
Elevations MagnetX is the next generation loose lay technology. Elevations MagnetX combines our best selling loose lay products and winner of Best of Surfaces in 2012 products with a magnetic installation system. The acoustic underlayment magnetically adheres with a tab system applied to the planks and tile and rolls out easily, providing sound reduction and insulative properties as well as covering subfloor irregularities. Elevations MagnetX is designed to be used on our 4.0mm and 5.0mm Elevations collections. The pressure-sensitive peel and stick tabs are adhered to the plank with the magnetic force exposed to the magnetic acoustic underlayment requiring no adhesive.

Next Generation LVT Floors designed for style, sustainability, and unparalleled performance.  The Raskin family has been in flooring for almost a century and considered a founder of LVT. Morris Raskin started his flooring business as Raskin Carpet in NYC back in early 1900's then Gerald Raskin moved to distribution then to manufacturing flooring. The Raskin family focus is to change the perception of vinyl flooring. As a company we are about innovation, style and design! Raskin Industries is a design driven company with boutique style marketing from our New York and Miami roots. Raskin Industries is a 3 time winner of Best of Surfaces and with multiple ADEX design awards. Check out our website for the list of our entire collection.

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