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Brookstone Lineup

Platinum Award

The Brookstone massage chair lineup consists of 4 chairs: the Mach IX, the BK-650, the BK-450, and the BK-250.
These four chairs were specifically crafted to complement each other on a retailer’s floor. Each chair has well thought out features and benefits that contribute to a “good, better, best, premium” lineup.
The Brookstone lineup is the newest arrival to Cozzia’s wide array of massage chair lines.
The Mach IX is the flagship chair of the bunch, with a 4D L-Track massage, a touch pad remote, and a wide array of custom massage options.
The next in the lineup is the BK-650, which is a 3D L-Track with a touch pad remote.
The BK-450 is a 3D L-Track, with an LCD remote control.
And last is the BK-250, which features a 2D L-Track and an LCD remote control.


Mach IX - $9,999 / BK-650 - $5,999 / BK-450 - $3,999 / BK-250 - $2,999

At Cozzia we care about your health. Our goal is to improve your health and well-being through wellness seating. Cozzia is not only a wellness seating company but also one who is on the cutting-edge of technology. We are redefining the wellness-seating category with our advances in robotic massage. Cozzia chairs offer technologies ranging from air cell technology, to 4D full body massage, to Zero Gravity. Although we are often recognized for our robotic massage

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