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Best of 2022


HushHybrid office pod has been created to connect colleagues and business partners that collaborate in hybrid work environment. It lets improve the quality, efficiency and experience of communication between team members and business partners collaborating in hybrid work model, when some work on-site and others remotely.

HushHybrid is a comfortable office pod dedicated to smooth and private videocalls and heads down work. With the features essential for successful remote meetings (such as ergonomic seating, additional LED vanity light, efficient ventilation) hushHybrid offers a comfortable workspace and brings people closer making them feel as if they were next to one another. The pod lets individuals create the work environment in line with their needs and preferences. The top light and ventilation are adjustable, so is the side LED lighting. The tabletop can be pulled out for additional 1,6-inch depth. The power and USB sockets enable the users to stay connected during long lasting video conversations.

HushHybrid pod offers a means to quickly adapt and enrich the workplace functions by adding a private, soundproofed space for calls and heads down work. It's a portable unit with built-in casters that can be relocated by team members around the office with just a push. An oasis of comfort and quiet in bustling open plan offices .

With hushHybrid the virtual meetings get real.

The Design Process

Key Features for users: speech level reduction at 26.4 dB secures privacy of conversations; fully automatic efficient ventilation and LED lighting system to guarantee comfort and convenience; additional face LED light strips with adjustable intensity; integrated casters ensuring full product mobility.


The comfort and employee autonomy to create own workspace go hand in hand with the pod's sustainability. The woolen component in upholstery (70%) comes fully as recycled content. So do 50% of honeycomb structure board, 30% of particleboard and 27% of glass.

The business and production processes in Mikomax (the hushHybrid's manufacturing company) are compliant with the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Standard.

All wooden components used for manufacturing the hushHybrid pod have Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) according to ISO 14025 and are FSC-certified.

HushHybrid pods are packed in light, recycled cardboard boxes for shipping, which contributes to lower carbon footprint of pods’ transport.


  • Best of NeoCon 2022 Silver (Acoustics and Privacy, Work Pods category)
  • NeoCon MetropolisLikes 2022 Winner


$13 000


Hushoffice is a brand of portable office pods designed to provide flexible solutions for those who need privacy in open plan offices. With the most extensive catalog of booths available on the market, Hushoffice offers solution for teams seeking to maintain workplace functionality as they grow. Manufactured in Lodz, Poland by Mikomax Smart Office the line is sold in over 50 countries in the world.  

Hushoffice is a brand that offers acoustic solutions for offices and other work spaces. The flagship products of the brand are premium class acoustic booths for telephone calls, videoconferences, concentration work and meetings. The brand is based on over 30 years of international experience of Mikomax Smart Office, thanks to which Hushoffice it is present in over 50 countries around the world. Our solutions are chosen by companies like Unilever, T-Mobile, SEB Bank or Neuca. Acoustic booths from Hushoffice are an office furniture, where you can work in focus, and help organize workplace safe, agile and quick – our products are mobile.

Each of our products has own specific and purpose. For example hushPhone is great for quick telephone calls, hushHybrid is tailored for videoconferences, hushTwin is ideal for less formal videoconferencing, and hushLarge.L allows you to replace a conference room with it. Check our full portfolio and choose: YOUR HUSH, YOUR WAY!

Since 2022, Mikomax Smart Office and the Hushoffice brand are part of the Haworth Group.

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