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Best of 2023
Platinum Award

In our Delightful Christmas lighting proposal, we have taken inspiration from the Baroque style.

This artistic movement is distinguished by its splendor and exuberance, always showing a particular interest in the art of classical antiquity.

In this installation, through the delicacy of the pearls, the attitude of the stones and the exuberance of the shapes, we sought to bring the opulence, glamor and extravagance of Bond Street commerce.

When visitors arrive on the street, they feel invaded by all the glamour, due to the sheer size and luminosity emanating from the large jewel-like pieces scattered all over the street.

The pieces have cutting-edge technology that allows the color of the elements to be changed according to the client's desire.


We create unique and custom made lighting projects, including conception, production, installation and permanent technical assistance of decorative and festive lighting. Innovative products and solutions to public urban spaces, malls, companies, expositions, fairs, hospitals, schools, hotels and any other place where "a touch of light" might make a difference!


There is no festivity without light on the streets!

Create fascinating experiences for all your guests.

Bring the concept of "party" to your area.

In an inauguration, contest, festivities.



Animation, diversion, joy, sharing!

With both indoor and outdoor solutions, you are sure to attract clients to your premises by creating the spirit of the seasonal festivities.

Solutions to commercial spaces, stands, exhibitors.

Others, challenge us!


Private Events: Brighten the special days of your life! Unique sculptures and lighting solutions to your festivity and just as you imagine them. Birthdays, Weddings, Christenings...

Corporative Events: The correct lighting highlights what is most important. Make the achievements of your company even more memorable.

Fashion Events: Glamour is king. Our experience and Know-How allow us to tailor unique solutions that truly flesh out the essence of these events.


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Gaia, Aveiro, 4410-160
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