Brick n Concrete House

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Brick n Concrete House-A living n talking to surroundings! is located in composite climatic zone, [Punjab -India] where -cooling in summer and heating in winter is needed, so building needs to exhibit thermal performance. A study of traditional buildings and methods of construction has brought out concept for energy efficient and cost effective building design. Brick, a part of our tradition and local material-with high thermal performance, durable, offers flexibility in design and craftsmanship. The main characteristics of the structure: Exposed brickwork – cavity wall(Rat Trap Bond Masonary), for effective thermal effects. Also it saves 25% bricks n less joints results in saving mortar n less use of cement. Load bearing walls are made in local clay bricks and comprised of flyash bricks, concrete blocks n beams, offer special design. A labour intensive method helps in employment generation/local economy n sustainability. The local manpower was trained to do the job, to meet traditional craft skills, special brick architecture details and present day requirements, resulted design in harmony with natural surroundings and offers reasonable maintenance. The entire building is designed as ground floor with double height lounge having specially designed skylight. Open courts with perforated (Jalli) walls, allow passage of air thru interior, provides sufficient light and ventilation with minimum energy cost, thus provides healthy living conditions. The large open space and green areas…….. lead to Rainwater harvesting, Recycled water is mainly used for gardening, washing etc. Solar water heating system installed at rooftop for domestic use. All old existing trees on site, integrated with design, are considering building as living - do talking thru mutual shading and overhangs, helps to save energy.


Local materials with local resources used in building construction. Most of construction techniques applied with appropriate n alternative approach in minimising maintenance n embodied energy. Solar water heating system, Rainwater harvesting n recycling are part of integrated design. Overall architecture is in harmony of natural surroundings n a minimalist one..


Awarded n Honoured by Center of innovation n alternative technologies, Ministry, Govt.of India.,
Recognised as Resource person for use of appropriate technologies by Ministry of urban affairs, Govt of India.
Also won Best Architect - sustainable design n appropriate technologies -India Architect merit awards.


Private Residence -
Covered area 6500 sq.ft.,
Punjab, India.
Submitter :
Ar. Amit Khurana - Principal architect
AIDE architects
280, Dilbagh Nagar,Jalandhar- Punjab. +91 9814160848

AIDE architects-- We are into architectural and interior design consultancy and do corporate office interiors- turnkey solutions for Residences, industrial, hospitality,healthcare and educational institutions. An Awarded n Honoured by Govt of India and is recognized as resource one for Use of Appropriate and Alternative construction technologies in construction ,sustainable habitat and eco solutions!
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Architectural and Interior Design consultancy. ... do corporate office interiors- turnkey solutions (worked on offices for reputed names in industry)..... Do provide design solutions for Residences, industrial, hospitality,healthcare and educational institutions and also in past worked on campus / housing layouts, interior modular solutions! Only in Region: Awarded - architect award in sustainable design “N” Honoured : By HUDCO- MoHUPA --as resource person in cost effective methods and alternatives. By MoRD/PR-- as State Mentor for building technologies, and By CIAT- Ministry, Govt of India , is recognized as resource one for use of Appropriate n Alternative technologies in construction / ecological solutions and training also! ...way to sustainable habitat!

280 Dilbagh Nagar
Jalandhar 144002

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