Sunrise at Matagorda Bay | Petrobras America Building

Several of Granite Properties' buildings are branded with themes from the natural surroundings of Texas such as this installation entitled "Sunrise at Matagorda Bay". A cloud-like cluster of blown glass lighting in sunrise tones, and multi-dimensional cast glass wall sculpture are arranged in each of two lobbies joined by an elevator lobby, which has an additional blown glass lighting cluster. Forty-one pendants at varying heights 36 - 48" with blown glass cylinders 5 x 26" high form the lighting clusters in the main lobbies, and thirty-four pendants with cylinders 6 x 16" high form the elevator lobby.The wall sculpture design, lit with neon is pieced together with 1.5 tons of cast glass appearing to float off the travertine stone wall. The sculpture speaks as much to the negative space as it does to the glass itself. The cylinder light composition represents the cool waters of the sea and the warmth of the morning sunrise. The exterior point of view was also a contributing factor in the overall design which is also viewable from the street and upper parking levels of the garage. Petrobras America now owns and occupies the building and this blown glass lighting installation has become well known throughout the state.David Cunningham with Granite Properties said "I want a sunrise at Matagorda Bay!" After onsite research and several design meetings with Granite Properties and Kirksey Architecture, a collaborative effort with all trades involved in the project, Wimberley Glassworks presented glass color samples representative of the sunrise light cluster to be lit with cool 5500K bulbs that would meet the wattage needs of the builder. Cast glass wall sculpture concepts were designed and presented by Wimberley Glassworks in subsequent meetings. These wall sculptures were engineered and built into the wall of the building due to their weight and size, which involved the input of various contractors.


This project was turn-key and installed by onsite electricians using a provided schematic for light box positioning. 5500K florescent bulbs were used in the pendants meeting LEED.

Wimberley Glassworks has been creating custom handblown lighting in our Texas studio since 1992. Our lighting is unique in that it's a combination of handblown art glass shades that you can pair with one of the hand forged fixtures from Hubbardton Forge or your existing fixture. The result is a UL listed, high quality, hand crafted work, that will fill a room with an ambiance of art and colored light. Wimberley Glassworks can also help you design hand crafted art glass and lighting for your architectural spaces. Our professional team of artists and designers can engineer custom pieces to your exact specifications or create a completely customized proposal that will be open minded and creative, yet integrated and realistic. The appeal of our art glass lighting isn’t just visually based, our craft transcends most conventional models and mass produced options by utilizing artist based custom blown glass lighting designs that complement and brand the spaces they are in.

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