Soft Motion | Park 17

Park 17, an office tower with condominiums, provided our studio an opportunity to create a conceptual design representing light in motion. Within the defined and geometric lines of the lobby, is "Soft Motion", an organic sculptural art glass lighting design above the lobby's seating area, creating a space to pause. 134 pendant drops from 18-24" high by 8-10" wide hang on varying stem heights from 18-36".The client's main request was to design an installation that emphasized handblown features of art glass, being organic versus linear. “Wimberley Glassworks has been a vital creative partner in helping Granite to “brand” our new buildings with one of a kind lobby lighting ensembles which are always the centerpiece of discussion when we open the buildings to the public.” —David R. Cunningham, Granite Properties Director, Development & Construction. A kinetic piece with no moving parts, undulating flattened glass forms create a sense of movement while the viewer walks throughout the installation, thus being entitled "Soft Motion".Wimberley Glassworks was to create the art glass design and glass forms, with pendant fixtures to be provided by the client. This installation was also designed with a suspension system to withstand ceiling vibration from a parking garage located above the lobby floor, limiting the weight of each piece.


This art glass lighting design meets wattage limitations for LEED qualification and is UL listed as are all Wimberley Glassworks projects. This is a turn-key design to be installed by onsite electricians with a provided light box placement schematic.

Wimberley Glassworks has been creating custom handblown lighting in our Texas studio since 1992. Our lighting is unique in that it's a combination of handblown art glass shades that you can pair with one of the hand forged fixtures from Hubbardton Forge or your existing fixture. The result is a UL listed, high quality, hand crafted work, that will fill a room with an ambiance of art and colored light. Wimberley Glassworks can also help you design hand crafted art glass and lighting for your architectural spaces. Our professional team of artists and designers can engineer custom pieces to your exact specifications or create a completely customized proposal that will be open minded and creative, yet integrated and realistic. The appeal of our art glass lighting isn’t just visually based, our craft transcends most conventional models and mass produced options by utilizing artist based custom blown glass lighting designs that complement and brand the spaces they are in.

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