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Solatube® Architect Series - Sleek, Modern Tubular Skylight and Accessories

Solatube® International Inc., the worldwide leading manufacturer and marketer of tubular skylights, introduced its latest innovation, the residential Architect Series. Designed to provide aesthetic and architectural style, the new collection includes a Low Profile Collector and a full line of attractive Decorative Fixtures. “The Low Profile Collector delivers an attractive Architect Series upgrade to our standard collector domes,” said Robert E. Westfall Jr., president of Solatube International. “The Decorative Fixtures allow homeowners to add their own element of style to their tubular skylight.” The new Low Profile Collector is a sleek and modern evolution of the brand’s iconic high-utility dome. The flat panel design makes for a subtle and attractive appearance on the roof while its integrated Raybender Slim lenses maximizes light capture to provide consistent natural light throughout the day. Like Solatube’s high-utility dome options, the Low Profile Collector harvests daylight at the rooftop, transfers it down a highly reflective tube (which bends up to 90 degrees and can be up to 70 feet or more long) and distributes it evenly into an interior space through a diffuser at the ceiling — on both sunny and cloudy days — with no heat gain. Solatube Decorative Fixtures enhance the look of any interior space by providing various stylized options at the ceiling level. Architect Series fixtures include: • JustFrost — A clean and contemporary design with a stunningly simple frosted lens. Available in round or square for the Solatube160 ISn/DS and 290 ISn/DS. • OptiView — A dazzling sky-view lens to connect to the outside. Available in round or square for the 160 ISn/DS and 290 ISn/DS. • AuroraGlo —A frosted lens with a classic style. Available in round white or bronze finish for the 290 ISn/DS. • TierDrop — A modern, cascading style with a frosted lens. Available in a round white finish for the 160 ISn/DS and 290 ISn/DS. Recently, Solatube tubular skylights were among the first innovations to receive the “Solar Impulse Efficient Solution” label by The Solar Impulse Foundation, recognizing all the effort and innovative development it has made to become a recognized energy-efficient solution. Today, more than 2 million people have improved their homes with Solatube products, and millions more have enjoyed the benefits at department stores, schools, hotels, hospitals, grocery stores, offices and athletic facilities. Well-known Fortune 500 brands have enhanced their customers’ experiences while reducing their corporate energy costs by incorporating Solatube products into their stores, offices and facilities. About Solatube International Solatube International, Inc., widely recognized as the daylighting industry innovator, has earned worldwide acclaim for its unrivaled ability to transform interior spaces with natural light. Based in California, the company is the leading manufacturer and marketer of tubular skylights for all types of residential and commercial applications. Solatube also offers residential Whole House Fans as part of the company’s energy-efficient ventilation division, as well as skylight replacement and other products. For more information, visit or call 888-SOLATUBE. # # #

Solatube International Inc., based in Vista, Calif. (northern San Diego County), is the worldwide leading innovator, manufacturer, and marketer of Tubular Daylighting Devices (TDDs). Solatube Daylighting Systems bring natural daylight into commercial buildings, schools, and homes to create pleasant, well-illuminated, and eco-friendly indoor environments. Using patented technology, Solatube Daylighting Systems maximize light capture through optical domes on the roof, efficiently transfer it through highly reflective tubing, then diffusing natural daylight into indoor spaces where it was once thought impossible.

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