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Ciclotte Teckeel in Glass and Steel

Ciclotte Teckell, the stunning stationary bicycle, the first-ever made with exquisite, transparent crystal.Shapes and surfaces simplify themselves: design becomes minimal, pure.The transparency connects the 2 structural parts of the bike like an invisible bridge. The result is a revolution in the design of fitness equipment and confirm the specialness of Ciclotte products.The Ciclotte Teckell is an elegant object able to dialogue with any other piece of furniture in rooms where living, work and exercise share the same space: a sculpture that does not exclude function, guaranteeing optimum performance thanks to the sophisticated mechanics and ergonomics applied to this modern stationary bike.Ciclotte Teckell is truly an elegant furnishing accessory with its minimal, pure design. The transparent crystal blends harmoniously with the structural elements made of high-tech materials and sophisticated mechanisms. This streamlined design object is also, for all intents and purposes, an exercise bike. Extensive ergonomic research was conducted prior to manufacturing the bike. It also sports a gear box capable of simulating a road feel to allow for a more intense training experience. Furthermore, Ciclotte Teckell is a Bluetooth-enabled smart exercise bike, permitting a fully immersive training session. Another entry to the list of those must-have Italian luxury itemsDesigned by hand yet loaded with high-tech elements, this stationary bicycle is a stylish ride with a distinct personality. Ciclotte Teckell cruises onto the design scene as a unique furnishing accessory that unites exceptional performance with a high aesthetic value.


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Ciclotte is the line of pieces of design / luxury fitness equipment, pure expression of contemporary living, born from our wish to bring design in everyday life, where living, work and relax share the same dimension throw design objects which are at the same time real exercise tools and unique and exclusive decoration objects.

Fitness is no more relegated to its functional aspects and its boundaries with design blur.

Idea, form and technology combines to offer inimitable style and elegance within the most varied living contexts: from home to office, to hotel and yacht.

Ciclotte is a line entirely made in Italy and developed with innovative solutions, whose inspiring project (Ciclò) is now part of the permanent collection of the Italian Design Museum of Milan (“La Triennale”).

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