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Cuckoo Clock for Giorgetti

Best of 2020
A designer piece enriches the Atmosphere collection: Cuckoo Clock, the result of the newimportant collaboration with the American designer Virginia Harper.Ranging from product design to architecture, Virginia Harper developed a multidisciplinary stylethat allowed her to translate the Giorgetti world in a unique and attractive way, reinterpreting theiconic object invented by the German watchmaker Franz Ketterer in 1737.The designer has enclosed the traditional mechanism in a shell made of plywood with exposedparts in solid lathed canaletto walnut. The plus leather upholstery reveals a complex craftsmanshipwhich consists in wetting the skin several times to make it perfectly adhere to the object.Everything is illuminated by the hands, the pendulum and the finishes in brass.The bird marking the time with the classical sound becomes a jewel: stylised in the origami version,it is covered in canaletto walnut. Rather than going out front, it pops out to one side, giving asurprise effect.Cuckoo Clock is the perfect representation of the typical approach of Giorgetti: reinterpreting agame to make it become a fun, unexpected, refined and timeless object.Technical specsCm 35 x h 40in 13 3/4 x h 15 3/4Shell: plywood with exposed parts in solid canaletto walnut in the natural finishCover: plus leather with colour of choiceHands, pendulum and metal parts: brassBird: covered in canaletto walnut in the natural finish

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