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Whitebark Cliffstone

Platinum Award
Whitebark, the newest color palette available for Cliffstone, was inspired by input from the architecture and design community. Grey and earthen tones combine with lighter hues reminiscent of cool climate poplar trees that have been gracefully worn by the elements. The Cliffstone profile is incredibly popular due to its versatility for complimenting modern or traditional designs, characterized by a ruggedly textured surface of flat-planed faces and variable sizes of stacked stone.


Like other Eldorado Stone products, Whitebark Cliffstone is an exceptional choice for LEED projects and other sustainable structures. Eldorado Stone products tip the scales at approximately half the weight of natural stone or brick products, which considerably reduces installation time and costs, as well as shipping weights. Eldorado Stone is composed of lightweight concrete which will not rot, rust, or bur and requires little to no maintenance for the life of the product, saving owners time, energy and expense compared to wood, stucco, vinyl and other less durable siding options. In addition, it comes with a 50 year warranty, making it one of the most durable siding options available.In addition, Air Quality Services Inc. (AQS) has tested Eldorado Stone according to GREENGUARD’s Test Method P066 which also meets ASTM D 5116, ASTM D 6670, and the EPA’s Environmental Technology Verification protocol. Eldorado Stone has been shown to exceed the GREENGUARD emissions levels and is a low emitting product. The thermal mass of concrete can help moderate indoor temperature extremes and reduce energy usage for heating and cooling. Eldorado Stone has an R-value of 0.43 per 1.5 inch of thickness.




Varies per project, typically $7-$9 per sq. ft.


Eldorado Stone’s approach to color and texture ensures that Whitebark Cliffstone and other products stand head and shoulders above other options in the category. Distinct and refined, Cliffstone is a popular contemporary profile featuring variable sizes of stacked stone with flat-planed faces. In combination with its gray and earthen tones, the lighter hues of Whitebark Cliffstone add an airy vibrancy that melds with modern design while exhibiting the authentic textural details that are characteristic of a more traditional ledgestone product.

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