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SEA WORLD , luminous handles

F.LLI RAZETO & CASARETO S.P.A. designs and makes exclusive marine and architectural door hardware and accessories in Italy since 1920.After the success of FreeGo®, handles inspired by biomimicry in nature, FREC released TRIBUTES, luxurious lines of custom bejewelled handles, which merge exclusive materials with the most advanced technologies into a unique product, result of the co-operation of several manufacturing excellencies. “Our mission “ - states italian design ambassador Giangi Razeto - “is to tribute our most exclusive designs to those places and icons we love, to the luxurious and glamorous life style. Metals, Diamonds, Crystal Glass, Passion, Technology, Luxury Icons, Craftsmanship and Customization are the ingredients of our recipe.”The first Tribute to be unveiled to the world was the Tribute to Doha. It combined natural diamonds, sintered titanium, gold, LED lighting, Diamond Dust in what is known as The 100K handle, the most exclusive door handle on the planet; The Tribute to Doha has been followed up by the Tribute to Bohemia and the Tribute to Cannes but there are more still to come. 
To further underscore both the company’s vast catalog and its ability to produce bespoke pieces tailored to each client’s individual tastes, FR&C releases in limited edition “ SEA WORLD” a collection of luminous handles which are authentic works of art engraved by Master ARNO CANCIK.Cancik uses an unusual hand glass engraving technique to reproduce three-dimensional scenes which, once lit, seem to flutter to life. Born in 1942 in Decin, Czech Republic, in 2002 Cancik engraved for Fabergè the”tercentenary Egg”, decorated with nine portraits of Tsar with Tsareven and their palaces. The egg was given in 2003 to President Putin in Sanct Petersburg.Afterwards he engraved the “Romanov Egg“ with Tsar Nicholas II, Tsareven and their children.The Sea World lim. ed. handles will thus remain one-off designs but brilliantly showcase how the combination of FR&C’s technological and Master Cancik artistic skills guarantee an absolutely unparalleled standard of exclusivity, effortlessly mirroring each individual client’s personal tastes and choices.


The luminous handle system has been awarded with ADEX platinum in 2006; in 2014 had special mention at ADI design Index; in2014 winner at Big Innovation Award


3500 euros , complete set with lock and pair of handles, mechanical, electronic and elecrìtrical components included


Sea world handles use the same patented system of free go Leo and Zento , they are made out of crystal glass and are made in limited edition , hand engraved by Master engraver Arno Cancik

Started in 1920, F.LLI RAZETO & CASARETO S.p.A. has always been dedicated to the construction of accessories for shipyards such as marine locks and accessories , hinges and handles;in years 70 has begun to construct highly specialized articles dedicated to pleasure crafts also exported to foreign trade. In 2000 was opened the Innovation & Design departement. The always increasing care in the research of innovative design and quality of products lead to the creation of Free go, and in particular of FREE GO LEO,a luminous handle designed for those environments where safety is an essential condition such as cruise ships and hotels.The entire production cycle is carried out with technologically advanced equipment and every phase carefully follows the responsibilities of quality in compliance with the standards of ISO 9001 2000.The company reinvests 3% of the annual budget into Research & Development.F.Lli RAZETO & CASARETO exports 50% of the production

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