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Illuminated Lounge Ring

The Illuminated Ring is a triple threat in the design world: immersive in action, innovative in design and impressive in stature. As illuminated furniture peaks in popularity amongst corporate event designers, there is an increase in demand for mature activations that are fun and engaging for guests. Geometric and circular shapes, in particular, are popular as they provide a clean look while illuminated features bring life to dimly lit rooms.This lifesize illuminated ring offers the right amount of innovative display while still providing a designer’s edge at the same time. The lightweight LED ring holds at least 8 hours of lighted entertainment programmed to display a rainbow of colors. It is designed to be suspended above the ground via a truss but can be also used for display purposes when resting on the ground. Learn more about the Illuminated Ring as well as a whole collection of illuminated furnishings to rent at


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This Illuminated Ring holds up to an 8 hour charge and can change to various colors.

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