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Tesori Fabrics

Platinum Award
Vervain presents Tesori, a breathtaking collection of luxury textiles for the home. Tesori translated from Italian to English means Treasures. This collection of treasures is a modern interpretation of Italian classical design respecting the history and authentic style of Italy. Given that Venice was the heart of trade from the East to northern and western Europe during the height of the silk road, influences from eastern cultures on Italian textiles left a lasting impression on Italian design of this period. Each pattern in this collection has its own unique tie to the history of textiles in Italy, our Tesori.


The Tesori collection is comprised of a range of fabrics including cut velvets, linen damasks, a sheer linen incorporating handmade paper elements, and statement embroideries and prints.

9303 E 46th St
Tulsa OK 74145
United States
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