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Carleton Designs studio creates completely reversible area rugs with hand-dyed worsted wool on a linen warp handwoven on a Jacquard loom in an American summer-winter weave structure.

Our Shimmer design combines ikat dyeing with hand-dyed batches for unique abrash color optics on each completely different sides of the double weave rug.  Custom colors and sizes available.


The Design Process

Carleton Designs studio's exploration of color variations with the traditional flatweave structure led into ikat dyeing to expand the possibilities of random colorplay within the graphic constraints of the Jacquard loom capabilities.

Inspired by Japanese, Southeast Asian and Native American textlles, Carolyn is incorporating color ikat dyeing into the loom-controlled construction of handwoven flatweave rugs.

The result is unique color explorations within time-honored handwoven rug techniques creating unique floor art.   


Our rugs are made of 100% natural fibers of worsted wool and Belgian linen.


$168/sq.ft retail

Carleton Designs is a rug-weaving studio in Northern California creating unique hand-dyed and handwoven worsted wool area rugs for the interior design market for the last 41 years. 

See our products at the following showrooms: Patterson, Flynn and Martin 979 Third Ave. New York, New York 10022 Ph:(212)688-7700 Fax: 212-826-6740; Watson Smith Floorcovering 622 Merchandise Mart Chicago, IL 60654 Ph:312-337-3202 Fax: 312-337-4042; JD Staron Galleria Design Center 101 Henry Adams St. San Francisco, CA 94103 Ph:415-926-5907 Fax:415-923-8176; JD Staron, 23811 Aliso Creek Road, Suite 140,Laguna Niguel, CA 92677 Ph:949-360-5901 Fax:949-360-5904

You can also see our line of handwoven and merino wool felt rugs on our website:

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