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CLEAR Solar Photovoltaic IGU Window

Best of 2020
Revolutionary CLEAR solar Glass to generate electric Current 26% federal Investment Tax Credits Can make glass near free in costs


Part of the new Sustainability Imperative


Approx $50.00 a sq less Fed ITC Tax Credits

Glass Technology and Custom Architectural metals ordering, fabricating, delivering, installations, and service by is fast, easy and custom made to your needs. Glass is used in buildings & homes as an architectural feature such as transparent switchable windows, safety and security barriers,and internal glazed partitions. Whether you are looking for our popular liquid crystal switchable glass, or any unique type of glass, We will help you choose the right technology for your application. Long Established not only as the nationwide source for manyyears, but has also we've become the online source for glass and architectural metal consulting. GTC is a rare full-service  company that handles not only the design and fabricating of glass and metal, but services the finished product as well! Contact us now by completing the simple online form. You can be confident that your information is safe, as we do not sell or trade your information. Completing the online form will allow us to contact you right away to discuss your glass and architectural metal needs.

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